Tuesday, October 16, 2012


With the holidays right around the corner, including Halloween, Thanksgiving and Winter Break, it is important for divorced parents to make sure that their holiday and vacation custody schedules are in place and that each parent knows when they will have their minor child or children over the holidays and when custody transfers are to take place.  Most Maryland Judges do not consider holiday custody disputes - who gets the children over the holidays - to be an "emergency" matter and last minute disputes over holiday custody schedules are unlikely to be heard by the Court on an expedited basis. 

If you think there may be issues with your ex-spouse regarding vacation schedules over the upcoming holidays, you should plan now and start discussing the issue with your ex.  If any issues are unresolvable and merit the Court's attention, you still have time to have a Judge resolve the dispute, if necessary. 

Don't let your holidays be ruined - plan ahead and address any unresolved custody issues now. 

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